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GrindEQ Word To LaTeX 13

GrindEQ Word To LaTeX 13

GrindEQ Word To LaTeX 13

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GrindEQ Word To LaTeX 13

by TERAMI LAPRASTE · 2017 · Cited by 4 — I’ve used Word2LaTeX on and off for the past 10 years and finally gave up on it because it didn’t work as well as I needed to for certain types of diagrams. The math utilities in
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Node's response start for an "on-going" request

I am using Node's request and assume that its response, once started, could not be canceled (if not by using a callback).
Can I assume that no matter how much time passed since the request was made, the response will not be lost?
I know that my server will stall if the request takes too long or is way beyond typical request lengths, but could I safely assume that, say for 300 seconds, the response will not be lost?
In other words, can I assume that the HTTP response from my server will not be lost, even if the call is for, say, 300 seconds?


I don't think you can assume that...
If the server is busy and you make an ongoing request, but aren't seeing any response from it within 1 minute of it starting, then it's most likely not going to finish in that one minute.
When your server is starting up/stabilising, it can take anywhere from 0ms to 2.5s (depending on variables such as your data size, CPU load, etc.) to do the initial request.
On the plus side, request defaults to retrying 5 times if it can't connect to the remote resource, but it may take more than 1 minute between the initial request and the last one. So if you make the request within the first 30s, it's more than likely to finish, though it may not be immediately. The 5 retries have a timeout of between 200ms and 1s, so a few seconds after the initial request it will start trying again.
But if the initial request is anywhere between 30s and 2.5 minutes, you can never be sure that it will finish in that time. If your connection is flaky, it may not finish within the timeout. If the first connection is still really flaky, it may not be able to finish at all.
If you can afford to, I recommend having some way of periodically polling the remote server to check if the request has completed. Otherwise you may miss the

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